greg (grysar) wrote,

Tri Stat DX (part two)

Yay people are interested! I'll run two games, I don't want more than five or six players in each, but I'll trust scheduling difficulties will keep that from being a problem.

Game A: d8 90 character points 30 starting skill points, modern urban fantasy skill set.
Setting is futuristic london (a setting flagrantly stolen from MC3), characters need to be vaguely plausible as good guys, if not necessarily nice or moral people. Be as creative as you likee with designing the characters, all powers are allowed.
[Clarification] The PCs will be a team (can know each other before hand or not) that the government brings on for dealing with supernatural or really badass conventional supervillians. Super powers / meta human status are not required but characters should be powerful enough to be full members of the team.

Game B: Stats and setting not determined yet. Feel free to make suggestions by commenting on this LJ. The list of settings on pages 4-5 seems a reasonable place to start, though feel free to suggest subgenres. If you have a character concept that you really want to use that would work in several settings feel free to list them. I'll pick something if I don't get any suggestions, so if you don't have any preferencees don't feel obligated to comment, but if you do, don't hold back.

For those friends who aren't on it, for help with tristat DX feel free to check out on IRC #besm or send me email or ask questions by AIM. Tends to be more active evenings. Imprompto character formation discussion room could be fun if people are interested.

[Rules added as I go along]
* Constant stat costs. Everythings 2 points, doesn't go up for higher levels.
* Points for backgrounds are available.
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