greg (grysar) wrote,

Final OST LJ post post

Going with steampunk for setting B. For those who don't know steam punk is basically cyberpunk 19th century / early industrial age tenchnology. Go with historical victorian skillcosts . 75 points 40 skill points. (d6)

I will allow magic in this universe, but I'm going to be tighter about it. I'm willing to make exceptions but by default limit supernatural powers to level two or three. Use your judgment on what qualifies as supernatural. Considering you have 15 less points to play with that shouldn't be too hard.

So you don't have to skim back setting A is early 21st century london mostly metahuman consultant team. Modern urban fantasy skill costs, 90 character points 30 skill points (d8)

More imporatant, as I've said before I'm guaranting everyone a spot in at least one game. I'd like to get a feel for the first choice for everyone's game. Go ahead and drop a comment here.

To save time in the future, I've put up a page here: with all the information you'll need rather than updating LJ.

Confirmed players:

Game A (modern fantasy)
Players in one of two games in this setting: rowyn2001, lilinthra, rdmgryphon, lampbane, dshadow, ardweden, kamalloy, Zegon, kagami, jnespuxah

Game B (steampunk)
ardweden, kamalloy, Zegon, arterich, kagami, jnespuxah

Reminder, you can play in both, but my first priority is making sure everyone gets
to play in one. You can change your mind later.

[Addendum] Just added potentially interested. If I got anyone wrong or left anyone out or anyone's mind changes lemme know.
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