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Steampunk post analysis (self-evaluation)

Yesterday’s mystery...........................
Sadly lots of lag in the first bit, which proved to be a bit above my GMing level in retrospect. I might have been able to pull it off had it been part of a campaign, however even with better planning I don’t think it would have been fast enough for an one/two shot and stay interesting for all of the players. This isn’t to say such is impossible, it’s just required more experience than I’ve had.

However, I am fairly content with the actual mystery part. There were options for all the players to help solve it and I feel I’ve gotten a lot better about throwing in skill checks to speed things up without leading too much by the nose. I had a far trickier time doing that for a minor one shot a few weeks ago which probably kept it from ever really getting interesting. The detective’s opening and closing sequence were both rather satisfying for me. Since I’m doing a prolly two shorts to finish this up I won’t comment on how much of that conclusion was right.

This lagged without actually adding anything, which was a damn shame. Straight example of needing a bit more finesse in pushing players. The basic options were to surrender, fight, or flee and I should have figured out a way to force the decision faster. Part of the problem was the way I rushed the mystery to a close left some players w/o equipment they needed, but mostly I just need more practice with this sort of thing. In the end I cheated my way to get to the fight, ‘cause OOC it was the most fun thing to do. It’s a short game and I don’t regret that decision, although I’d have preferred to make it sooner or have it be unnecessary.

Exciting climax...................................
I was rather happy with the end battle. It was probably a little slow for the players at time, but I didn’t get too many complaints. The battle narrative was also a hell of a lot of fun and I think that showed. I also feel pretty good about the balance of the fight, it was meant to be exciting but not too threatening and it felt like that worked. Also put a range of equipment and a few NPCs that could be there if needed, but the players got along fine largely with what they came in with which is the best way for such things. Although considering the battle (predictable based on RSP combat) took about three rounds, I probably should have only required one or two rounds to mount the machine guns on the side of the railcar.

Feeling rather good about the SAB2020 one shots, as they play much closer to my strengths as a GM and avoid my weaknesses. They’ll be of the much simpler briefing.. plan of action.. action galore type, not too tricky really. And I do consider myself pretty damn good at character design

I’m now hoping to polish the rest of my skills in the DnD campaign. Though the next real test is that how plausible I can make the bit of non-combat before the next steampunk (there are two big fights left, so think I’ll try for two separate small sessions to get to them). Lag won’t be hard to avoid, but I’d like to get it back in a more plausible grove PC motivation-wise. We’ll see if I can pull that off, if I can’t, well the action will be pretty kick ass anyways. ^_^
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