greg (grysar) wrote,

Recent movies

Saw Lost in Translation yesterday and
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Saw Lost in Translation yesterday and <lj-user="arterich"> summed it up fairly nicely. I thought it was a superb movie most notable for it's subtly but also for being true to life. It reminded me of About Schmidt in that way, though that movie had more of a plot arc. I'd be more prone to seeing Lost in Translation again though as it had less of the awkward moments that made me want to look away from the screen and that can be unfortunately familiar.

Lost in Translation was particularly appealing because it took two characters that were fairly interesting, particularly when they were together, and put them in a neat setting, namely Japan. The fact that I rather liked the cinematography which beautifully captured and reminded me of the experience of being a tourist in Japan. I might actually buy the movie later, though it's not quite good enough to top my list at the moment
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