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This past week

Stuff with the action map programming project is going rather well, cause I figured out how to shift a lot of the programming work to the Oracle program ICONs has on staff, whose more than happy to take some of the burden.

Saw Matchstick Men with Kate and Moti. Highly recommend it. I love a good con man movie, but this is one I can strongly recommend without reservations. I may enjoy it more than some because of my subjective tastes, but it's a great movie even if you aren't into that sortt of thing.

Also saw the Rivals at the Shakespeare Theater tonight, which was hilareous. The writing was rather strong and they put their comedic heavy hitters in the right roles. The writing is rather amusing to begin with, but with good acting it was amazing. I'm going to buy a copy of the play itself so I can memorize a few of the quotes.

Otherwise, had fun at Kate's birthday party, successfully crashed a book signing, and ran my second SAB game, which is turning out to be about as much fun as I hoped, if tricky to run expeditiously.

Oh, and I'm actually enjoying playing a fighting game for the first time. GGXX. I'm trying to learn May, Millie, and Chip and while I'm far from reaching the level of the average arcade gamer, I'm good enough to have a lot of fun with it.
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