greg (grysar) wrote,

Kill Bill

Man that was a bloodbath... Although it didn't have any moments I found as disturbing as the torture sequence in reservoir dogs. The camera cut away from the worst stuff fairly often, for which I am deeply grateful.

On the whole, it was everything I expected from the reviews and a film I definitely intend to return to as I learn more about film. Tarintino will have to work very hard to top Lucy Lu's character in my mind. I loved her entire section of the film and though the setting for her main battle was utterly beautiful.

I also rather enjoyed seeing my friend David Chen (I think his name is common enough I don't risk his identity by giving it. Henceforth in this journal i'll just refer to him as Chen though.) managed to reach a new level of desensitization to violence after it, which I found to be a rather impressive feat.

Had some fun getting in. I was thinking Rio prolly wouldn't sell out even on opening night. I was wrong, but fortunately I was able to get an extra ticket from another group. The ticket had already been traded in for a courtesy coupon, which was cool of the theater, I didn't know they did that. But I was able to sweet-talk my way to trading the coupon back for a ticket to the sold out show. As they hadn't and weren't going to resell the ticket that had been swapped in. I consider myself far too cool after pulling off these sorts of things, but fortunately reality tends to keep that in check. ::P
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