greg (grysar) wrote,

Camp Time

Thus ends my day and evening of break. July 4th festivities were a bust but otherwise an idyllic reprieve. Though my bread cooking resulting in some cracker consistency bits all those that ate it, some with no prompting, later said they liked it.

For the first time i got to go to a movie during my big off, Crazy/Beautiful, which, much to my surprise, was damn good. It had actual characters, situations, and plots not requiring imbeciles or stock villains. See it! if you want.

My parents celebrated their 25th tonight, and i'd be remiss if i didn't also congratulate them here..

Any ways... In other fun points I had a kinda Tarot reading, one of the guys at camp does them on occasion. Judgment, Inverted Star, the World, and Inverted Wheel of Fortune, which i record more for future reference then to provide any information to you people ;p.

I tend to get judgment as my own card more often than anything else, general meaning involves positive change, ready to leave behind the past, and with good intuition, both rational and emotional. I like it, though its definitely more accurate as time goes by...

Camp this year was exactly what it needed to be for me, I microcosm, but one that I am content with myself in and that I'm able to take pride in my accomplishment. It has hardly been without tensions though the staff is great, but by all appearances i finally get to walk away from a part of my life with confidence, memories, but not regrets.

::Happy Greg::
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