greg (grysar) wrote,

Fun days, lame nights

Had a great time today with capfox and kamalloy at Renn Fest today. Random wandering was funn as was window shopping, sa some Shakespeare Skum and Rogues of Celtic music, and generally enjoyed myself. Also skimmed the weapons stores, but the only thing I could justify buying for myself, a rapier (as I know how to fence), wasn't available for less than $230. Not a price I'm willing to pay.

Traffic was annoying on the way their and attrocious on the way out. One person I talked to said they'd been trying to get out of the parking lot for an two and a half hours, I'm thinking they exagerated some, but still. The wait to get out was such that I intend not to come to the last weekend of Renn Fest again, but should I come on that or another amazingly popular weekend, I'll park near the edge. Sure it's further to walk, but finding your car is easier, and you can exit quickly without jumping the line.

But to my much greater disappointment, my car repeatedly had trouble getting in drive. In other words, the engine works, but the wheels aren't turned by it. Had Moti push a few times until I realized that it had become a consistant problem, and so had the car pushed out of line and we snagged a ride with kamalloy, for which I continue to be grateful. ^_^

Called up my parents who picked me up and we headed back to the faire, grabbed the car with some trouble, found it'd drive in first gear and eventually went higher until it stopped working altogether at the intersection of rt. 3/301 and 450. We got a tow truck out there, dropped my poor car off at a repair shop south of 50, and finally got home a bit after one a.m.

Still a nice day on the whole as the fun bits were quite memorable and the unpleasant ones were boring but quite forgetable.
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