greg (grysar) wrote,

Fun with database insertion

Alright, so maybe fun isn't quite the right word.

Been doing a fair amount of work for the Montgomery County League of Women Voters lately. Made up a few databases and been doing database insertion for a few of those and some preexisting one. Biggest one is for a Sikh foundation that I'm inputting around 600 records for and am now a bit shy of half done. Good paying work for what it is and can be done at my home computer, so not too bad on the whole.

I really should be getting more job applications out, but at least I'm getting stuff to put on my resume in the interim. Not so much the database insertion stuff as creation, though insertion is good for low-level jobs at places I might want to work in the longer term.

Need to check the two Peace Core connected grad school programs that actually appealed to me (out of 30 or so) in the next few days so I can have more questions ready for my cousin whose been through the process. Been procrastinating on getting the application done, but the deadline for next spring is November 10, so guess I'll finally get to that after talking to my cousin. I'm more than a little disturbed by the fact that I seem only to be qualified for technical training out of a few score jobs but that might be alright. I'd really like to score an assignment in China or elsewhere in East Asia and I suppose I'll find out how possible that is after talking to advisors once I get the application in.

Thankfully just as I finish up these database jobs for parents (still doing web stuff, but that isn't as time sensitive) I'll be able to concentrate for a while on finishing up my job at UMD. Actually got it to a point where finishing is plausible as I've solved the nastiest of the problems and figured out how their permanent staff Oracle program can do more of the work. Figured that out like a month ago, but she's just finishing up a project of her own so we can get going on the action map two weeks from now or so.

Man am I going to be proud, relieved, and a whole bunch of other emotions when that’s over. I won't really feel I'm done with college until I’ve got that completed on my resume and can stop boring everyone with stories of how it's going.

Alright, that's the work summary for now. I'll try to make the next post more interesting.
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