greg (grysar) wrote,

Miscellaneous Updates

Finally finishing up my Peace Corp application. Still not certain this is the best path, but there's a lot of advising before I'd make my final decision, so I'm not too worried.

Been playing a fair amount of ‘Zelda: Link to the Past’ lately on my GBA. First time through the game and I'm quite enjoying it. I love that when I come across a dungeon puzzle that's stymieing me there are a great deal of other things to go off and do until I can figure it out. Also, I've won some of the boss fights on the first time through with almost no life left, which was really satisfying. Prolly will get back to Tactics in a bit, but presently I'm most excited about getting some multiplayer in with kamalloy and since I'm farther in the game than she is, don't want to level my D-team above her A-team. :P

Went downtown with Liz yesterday to catch a movie at the Freer, "Unknown Pleasures" I believe it was. Recent Chinese film about disaffected youth, wanna-be entertains, and a fairly distant backdrop of relations with the United States. It strived for realism, and achieved it fairly well, although didn't do as well in terms of being interesting. I enjoyed it as a cultural study, but wouldn't recommend it, and there are probably better movies that would be similarly revealing.

After Freer we wandered around a bit as Liz took pictures for a class project. Saw the Vietnam War memorial, saw the WWII memorial going up, which was a surprise as I forgot it got approval. WWII memorial seems tasteful enough and certainly is more attractive than the Vietnam War related booths that had been there before. Although strictly speaking those merchants should have been kicked off the mall long ago, so perhaps that's a biased comparison.

Stuff I've done but don't have time to post in depth about at the moment:

  • Saw Matrix: Revolutions. Enjoyed, but didn't really find satisfying. I actually liked Reloaded more, but wouldn't necessarily say it was a better movie.
  • Did a quick trip to Illinois to see family, had fun, finally got laptop online via cell phone and bluetooth, and saw Metropolis Illinois, the home of Superman. Which was pretty neat in my mind. Particularly as there was this place that wasn't fast food, but had a damn good 1/2 pound burger for $2. :P
  • Ran another SAB game, and I'll plug the lj-community here sab2020, as I'm still taking new players. I'm getting better at GMing, although my speed still needs work. I'm getting closer to being able to run a satisfying self-contained session in three hours, but I'm not there yet. I think the Ellicott Role Players games are going even better than that, but there's less need to be self-contained, and paper and pencil in person gaming has some definite advantages over IRC gaming.
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