greg (grysar) wrote,

Geeky happiness.

Got some new cables to connect the S-Video out of my video card to my RCA-only VCR and TV. And as a result for the first time I've gotten the TV-out working with my new computer and video card. This pleases me greatly. Particularly as I the new card, while it has some drawbacks, allows me to have both TV and monitor display DVD/video overlays if I so desire. I normally won't, but there was a time in the past year or so where I wanted to but couldn't.

Anyways... Now I just need to figure out why my DVD players won't work if I turn on the TV out first. Secondly, I'm striving to find away to play something full screen on TV while leaving my desktop available for work and such. I know the latter is doable, but don't know if it can be done with my equipment.
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