greg (grysar) wrote,

Ripping and Registering

I should really do smaller updates more often, anyways...

The Greg life report:
Work type things:
Peace Core essays did get done and today I just registered for the GRE, to be taken in January. There are some grad school + peace core programs, and I wanted the test behind me. Considering taking the LSATs too while I'm at it, though next available test for me is 2/7 as I don't observe any sort of Sabbath. :P

Play things:
Looney Toons movie was as much fun as I'd hoped. Lots of good Daffy and Bugs stuff. Human bits wouldn't have been a great movie if they'd had to stand alone, but were still amusing and more than adequate in support. If you like Looney Toons, you'll probably like this movie.

Volunteer things:
Got campaign training from the local Democratic party. Nice half day event, picked up some new info that may prove useful in the future. Continue to be disturbed by roll of money and politics, leaning more towards free airtime as logical solution that avoids those nasty constitutional questions, although I more than stand by transparency provisions.

Did assisted in voter registration at a parent teacher meeting day at a local elementary school. Got officially trained, which had me perjure myself as part of the process. They make you sign the form that you had been trained before you get the training. I noted this, but ultimately decided it wasn't worth the hassle to bully the training giver into letting me do it the other way. Otherwise the training process was nice and quick.

Then last Saturday hit the streets to do door knocking in a low percentage of registered voters neighborhood. This time was with the Dems, and we had lists of registered people and just knocked on the doors of houses lacking any. Ironically, while I was able to give out more forms that may be sent in at some future date, I actually had no more success than at the high school, which was less work. Also, lack of any Spanish skill was a bit of a problem, but I had a voter registration form in Spanish, which often managed to do the talking for me.
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