greg (grysar) wrote,

Retrospect on CMST

I've been home 2 days but I'm still quite pleased with how CMST went. Its a nice isolated community, a microcosm in which I work quite hard and don't have to overly worry about outside issues.

This session I took full advantage of it and as a result am far more enthused about trying it next year and could have taken another week of the kids. My performance was hardly perfect, but I got done what needed to be done, had fun with professionalism, and have no big regrets.

I largely avoided my classical errors and while I encountered a few new ones I'm out of a rut and have ideas how to face them in the future. I'm feeling rather good about myself at the moment. Of course, this was largely made possible by an excellent counseling staff, perhaps the best in CMST history, with strong leadership, but I know easily pulled my weight.
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