greg (grysar) wrote,


So, while capfox and kamalloy and I were waiting for amalthya before karaoke, we noticed that she had up a "Going to the Movies with Greg" away message. Now, I had in fact gone to the movies with her earlier (Scary Movie 3 to be precise, uneven and not nearly as good as Looney Toons parody wise, but still some funny bits. Also got a free ticket cause of a film rip) but, obviously that was not presently the case.

So, the only logical conclusion was that Laura was going with my evil twin or something. However, after I posited this theory Kate assured me that were there an evil twin, I was in fact him.

This was good to hear for a several reasons

  1. Evil twins who show up second tend to go about messing up the good twins life or possibly killing them. This seems much less likely from a good twin, although I can report from DnD experience good twins are still wont to seriously cramp one's style. :P

  2. Evil twins have more fun
  3. And in addition tend to be cooler and have better style. Although often are overly dependent on leather.

So if you see a less stylishly dressed and less cool (Yes it is possible. Grrr... ;P) version of me going around, give him my best.

Also, in later talking to amalthya we discovered that the "Movies with Greg" away message was up all weekend. So perhaps her doppelganger was going with my doppelganger. Hoping to get kamalloy's expert opinion on which is the evil one.
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