greg (grysar) wrote,

Week plus in the life

Work wise: Been putting a lot of time into the Action Map, a long standing project at UMCP. Currently the conversion to PL/SQL is going quite nicely, and Beth, the UMD database administrator I've been working, has been extremely helpful. Going to have a meeting tomorrow to determine how we're breaking down the simulation design tool, which will decide most of the remaining big questions regarding the project (and hopefully cut down on my workload even more).

Other fronts: haven't been prepping for the GRE yet, think I will after Christmas. Thanks to the magnificence of amalthya already have the resources I need to do so. The test itself will be Jan 7th, feel free to wish me utter and complete victory over any exam which seeks to challenge me, I'd prefer not to do well by luck. :P

On the grad school front, I've been looking at joint Peace Corps (which I'm actually spelling consistently of late) and Masters offerings. Currently found two of the forty or so that actually seem on point. University of Denver and University of the Pacific, I'm not reassured by my lack of knowledge of these schools, let alone their polisci departments. May actually get off my butt and check into other masters programs that would involve abroad work. Frankly I've been putting them off because I don't think my GPA and accomplishments to date have been sufficient to get me into a program elite enough to satisfy my delusions of grandeur. I'm now considering putting off delusions of grandeur for post masters education if I find a good program that'll take me.

On a more fun note, had a terrific time in New York last weekend. Stayed over with regyt who was a far more gracious hostess than I could have expected as I was only getting a place to crash and gave her so little warning. I was also favored with great luck in that though I arrived around 10 pm but still managed to get their just in time for a lovely Hanukkah dinner, with interesting company and got to meet a rather fun person Danielle knew from law school.

Otherwise in New York saw Rockettes Christmas show w/ parents and grandmother, saw a neat train display in the Citigroup building, then heard the Big Apple Choir at the South Pier, and finally visited the World Trade Center site before going over to Danielle's. On Saturday after a nice leftover breakfast headed uptown to see the Metropolitan Museum of Art, as its been five year or so, and had a good if hurried time there. Next stop was the Guggenheim which had a show Danielle's mother recommended which proved quite interesting, which is good as modern art is really hit or miss for me. Finally stopped by FAO Schwartz's closing sale and then met up with jnespuxah for a free ride home.
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