greg (grysar) wrote,

Quiite a Merry Christmas

Few family gifts of note:

  • A nice marble desk set: business card holder and two bookends with globes.
  • An uninterruptible power supply. Yay! Power blinks I laugh at you. :P
  • X-Men two movie set. And some gift cards for more of the like.
  • Neat ornament and train stuff, including a 50:1 scale model of the old DC trolley cars.

And, I finally have managed to set up my computer so I can play videos full screen on the TV while having it minimized on my desktop. This pleases me greatly.

Family dinner and gift giving was great as usual, although embarrassingly I didn't get to wrapping my presents until this morning, though I got most everything I wanted for them gift wise by yesterday, and last minute shopping on Christmas eve wasn't too painful. Now I just need to worry about everyone else. ^_~

In that spirit, here's my gift list for anyone who's interested. Thanks again of course to the people who've outwitted my delaying the list until this point in an attempt to avoided getting gifts on time as my gifts will all be late. ;P

I'm erring on the side of listing a lot of things, so if people see deals or feel one particularly reflects them, they have more option. I figure it's gonna take me at least a few years to actually get all this stuff, and most of it will be with my money. :P

  • A new set of headphones, the home theater sort, emphasis on high quality sound. Durability would be nice too, as I've destroyed my nice Grotto pair over a year.
  • DTS memory card for my phone. 64 meg or higher.
  • Card reader that can do DTS memory cards. Ideally one that can do compact flash too, as I've got a camera of that sorrt.
  • Haven't bought many fiction books recently aside from a lot of Terry Pratchett (excluding the last few). So if you find something you think I'd like, you've prolly got a safe bet.


  • Utena
  • Bebop DVDs 2, 3, 4, and 6
  • Eva
  • Hamelin
  • Now and then Here and There DVDs
  • Nanako 6/17
  • Angel
  • Buffy
  • I Capture the Castle
  • I'm thinking that I'll hold out until the final three movie release for LotR


  • Utena soundtrack
  • Hamelin OST 1 and 3
  • Bebop OST 1
  • Yoko Kanno, aside from American Macross 1 and 2 and aforementioned bebop stuff
  • Any other good soundtrack stuff. I do have so Star Wars, Gensuikoden, and King of Fighters, so ask about that.
  • AC/DC w/ Highway to Hell and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. Other good songs of course also appreciated.</strike> Bought the '91 concert two CD set for myself. Might be nice to have the earlier versions of a few of the songs, but I'll want to listen a few times before making that decision. And if I do, I'll prolly just try to buy them off I-tunes or something.


  • Stanley and his Monster by Phil Foglio
  • Any Gen13 by Adam Warren excluding: issues gathered in 'Superhuman Like You' and 'Meanwhile'
  • Any Tick excluding: Tick Omnibus 2 and 5
  • Trigun manga, the large American edition. After part one
  • Eva manga, after vol. 5.

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