greg (grysar) wrote,

Baptism by Fire

Finally got the real politics job I've been hoping for for some time. (Although real at this point means hard and looks good on the resume, not real as in paying any money at all)

I'm going to be Coordinating the Montgomery County for Clark campaign in Montgomery County. Which is not too shabby as Mont. County has 1.1 million people or so and is one of the top ten sources of Democratic fundraising. I'm not the top person in even the local campaign, but I'm going to be the contact person, the one to call to get materials, and the one that gets this whole thing organized (with the help of some handy database skills).

Just got the position earlier this week and it's going to be playing utter havoc with my schedule, which means substantially less random fun time for Greg, but such is life.

But, it's not a bad way to start the new year. I'm doing what I should be doing, and finding out whether I have the determination and skill needed to actually campaign as anything but a low-level volunteer.
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