greg (grysar) wrote,


Took the general one today for the first time. Thought it was at 8:30, turns out it was at 4:30, on the upside meant I had more study time than I thought. Did fairly well.

Got a 650 Verbal, 800 Quantitative. So 1450/1600 total.

We'll see on the essays, I feel alright about them, but nothing amazing. I'm satisfied with this, but I may try for higher, as I am a score grubber and, well, cocky. I test well, may as well take advantage of that.

My parents, well more Mom, were actually sort of under whelmed, cause they misheard what I said on the answering machine and thought I got higher. Which sorta sucks, cause a 'damn good show' would have been nice, but I set high expectations by being arrogant, and there's occasional costs to that.. Anyways, got it from Dad and friends, so I'm cool. :P

On the whole, the test itself was fairly neat, good mix of questions. The antonyms and analogies actually seemed toughest, the few that I probably got wrong turned on knowing the exact meaning of each word, rather than the general connotations, which is fair enough I suppose. Oh, and have I mentioned I hat having to write in cursive, the damn oath took me like four minutes to write, because I always print or type, aside from my name.

Think I'll prioritize on the LSAT rather than retaking this for now. Assuming my essay scores are good at least.
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