greg (grysar) wrote,

Quick day in the life

So Thursday night there was an beautiful game of Arcana, got to do that combat thing that my character does so badly, and play around with a power that had gone to waste for 50+ sessions.

That same night I stayed up until 7 am working on getting some database printouts for a meeting I, thankfully, didn’t have to attend. Hopefully all this database work I've done will start to pay dividends for the campaign in the near future. During breaks in the work, read Danger Girl, a TPB that reads like a spy movie that had Nic's recommendation. It was indeed a lot of fun, if nothing remotely deep.

Did some other work today, and then went out with Reene, Moti, and Coby for dinner and a movie. Dinner was tasty and movie was Bubba Ho Tep in which Bruce Campbell played Elvis. I recommend the movie, if the description appeals, you'll likely enjoy it. Although, while it was a bit of adventure, I'd recommend not seeing it in a theater where the fire alarm goes off, although the two free tickets I got take the edge off of that complaint. We actually had to listen to the alarm and see the strobe for a while as the movie played, eventually they cut the movie off for a bit, and I hung my leather jacket over the alarm, as it got on my nerves. Bruce Campbell was actually there and did a Q&A afterwards, which was hilarious.

And now, rather than go into depth, I'm going to get read a bit of the New Teen Titans that Nic so kindly gave me via Moti, and then do some work.
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