greg (grysar) wrote,

Brief comment on Bush's major policy initiatives of late

I disagree with the common Democratic response that the immigration proposal doesn't really have any value. The main critique, that we need provide a process for naturalization that is proportionate to this system is true enough, but that doesn't mean this isn't an improvement.

I've heard repeatedly that this risks creation a separate cast of workers, like the 'guest' workers who spend generations as non-citizens in Europe. My thought on that is, what the heck do you call illegal immigrants now? Creating a program that deals with the demand and supply for foreign workers is a step towards a rationale policy, and it's about blood time. By comparison, just offering amnesty every decade or two is a solution of sorts, but it maintains the problem of a vast network of people living outside the legal system, which causes al measure of problems.

So, what's to keep this from becoming a guest worker system like Europe.

Well, America's not Europe. We have a tradition of begrudgingly but eventually accepting immigrant groups, who subsequently get uptight about the next group of immigrants. Moreover, as is obvious from Bush making this announcement in an election year, these group have a fair amount of power, particularly as states go majority minority.

As for the moon base. I'm enough of a nerd that I'm willing to just say, 'cool'.

Although, I question the fiscal wisdom of starting major new projects, while at war, while cutting taxes. Just saying...
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