greg (grysar) wrote,

Travails of a pack rat

I spent part of today going through an old toy chest of mine. Most of the toys were long since packed away but it still holds quite a collection of mementos.

Postcards, portable game boards, various leaflets and magazines from the more intellectual tourist sites I've been too, a few years of Science Fiction Age, that sort of thing. I was able to clear out a tiny bit of it, and am holding some pamphlets of consumer information for future availability. I also found a cache of missing CDs and the CD-key for starcraft. I've gotten to be more discerning about what isn't worth keeping but I still hold far more than I use.

I Pack rat in part out of desire to hold on to memories, partially guilt and the feeling that I should be using these things, and in part because I'm not organized enough to keep the misc. items of my life in order. So by and large if I need an unit of my past, I'll have it, but I may take a year to find it. Oh well
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