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Had a good time, although less of a social one than I prefer, but as a lot of people were working or had seen what I wanted to see, that's not a huge surprise.

River City Rumble:
This was a fan movie based off the video game River City Rumble. A lot of fun, and frankly better production values than some of the stuff I saw at the film fest in Sarasota. I strongly recommend it if the concept of a fan movie with a lot of fighting based on a video game appeals to you.

Robot combat with real world military/politics and Shinto overtones. I rather enjoyed the first two episodes, though I don't have a hard time accepting the idea that it may go nowhere after episode 9, per Coby's review to me. They did a good job in world building with this, although I don't know the factions, it seemed like a plausible futures if you accepted a few premises. None of the characters jumped out at me though.

Tenchi Myuo GXP:
A male earthling (not Tenchi) joins the galactic police, and gets lots of females interested in him. I'm not all that enamored with the 'harem' genre at this point, although this one did have some points going for it. The protagonist seemed reasonably interesting, the world had some fun traits and locations, technology in particular was fairly thought through. The main problem was that none of the other characters really jumped out on me in the episodes I saw (admittedly I missed much of the Space Pirate Ryoko, who seems to be a different Ryoko than the main one, dunno, just caught the end of the episode). Don't think I'd watch more without a strong recommendation.

Witch Hunter Robin:
Loved it, liked the world, liked the characters, thought the art might be a little dark but still high quality across the board. Definitely want to see more.

A modern tech world where humans and demons lived together but then the demons started going crazy. Four guys with powers go off to save the world and bicker a lot. I liked the characters and the banter amused me, greatly amused me. Not high comedy or anything, but quality low humor.

Oh! My Goddess:
Glad I finally saw some of this. Belldandy doesn't strike me as the most interesting character out there, but I was strongly rooting for her relationship from where I came in the third episode. I liked the characters and felt for them as they went through problems.

Wild Arms:
I watched the first episode, kept me there, but didn't really draw me in. I thought it had potential, but I was sleepy, and it wasn't enough to keep me awake or make me go buy some caffeine.

Time Stranger:
This was a movie that continued an earlier series. It was superb, I didn't even really know the characters and came in a third of the way through, but still got choked up near then end. Based off the animation I assume it's probably a decade old or more.

Kiddy Grade:
New series, I just caught a half of an episode or so. Young characters with a lot of spunk and neat toys, but didn't really catch my attention so I ditched it for Time Stranger, and I'm glad I did.

Power Dolls:
Miltary-esque mecha combat. It had some potentially interesting tactical calls in the dialogue, but I had a hard time following the combat. I got a sense of it, but not a real visual feel for the tactics which I got from gasaraki.

Orphen 2:
Caught the intro, the crazy girl character climbed in the main characters bed overnight and then blows up the top half of the house when she wakes up and realizes what happened. There was some other humor that I liked, but this sort of interaction is getting old.

Kimagure Orange Road TV:
Older series. The break the narrative to give the thoughts of the character was a bit gimmicky and the situation didn't seem anything all that new. Even so, I liked the main character, his sisters, and his primary love interest. I also liked the problems that tormented him, some believable bad luck, some believable bad calls.

New spy type series in a fictional country that resembles England. I like the two main agents, though none of the supporting characters have really registered with me yet. The missions were amusing with a good number of twists that were reasonably predictable but also were fairplay twists with occasional good clues.
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