greg (grysar) wrote,

Movie Endorsement: Robot Stories (Particularly for you NYC people)

Robot Stories ( ) is a set four of medium/hard science fiction vignettes. It got a small release in Washington and Boston that's apparently now expanding to other large cities. As a whole I think the ideas pursue were nothing all that new, but rather well handled. The format is also well chosen, the shorts run about twenty minutes each and thus can tell the story and then end, a trick the directors of some longer movies should consider. ;P

Four stories:
My Robot Baby:
Evocative of a favorite Batman Beyond episode of mine. This is actually a future that seems rather a good idea to me. Fairly amusing story, won't surprise you, but the trip is enjoyable.

The Robot Fixer:
Probably the strongest of the four, which is surprising as it doesn't directly involve real robots, or maybe that isn't surprising at all. I found this one rather touching.

Machine Love:
It's the G9-iPerson! Fairly slight but cute and amusing.

Premise of this story was that in 2027 technology was developed to create a functioning digital copy of the brain, granting functional immortality (apparently on a fairly widespread basis). The story was one dying man's reaction to it. What I found particularly appealing was that it was content to give his view and not trying to give the definitive view or anything.
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