greg (grysar) wrote,

Revolt of my left leg and the base of my spine

Off and on since last fall, my left leg and the very bottom of my back have been sending signals that they're mad as hell, and aren't going to take it anymore. It's kept me up past 4 am for the past two nights, and the days haven't been great either. Worse yet it's hard to even *do* anything with the insomnia because the pain tends to be more distracting at night.

Trouble is, I'll be if I can figure out the root of the problem.

The sensation is sporadic, comes and goes, worst on long driving trips and in bed. Initially ditching a chair of mine that had seen it's better days and was rather unsupportive helped, but now the pain's back with a vengeance.

For a bit of perspective, it's not in the league of when my right knee really goes out, or a bad headache (and I don't get migraines, so we're just talking a normal particularly unpleasant one). The trouble is, that it's persistent, and when it's here there's not some easy course of action I can follow to get it to go away. Baths and showers have helped some, but just took one that didn't at all. Similarly some sitting position and chairs are better than others (Dad just grabbed a new supportive wooden one for me, and that's helped) but nothing is really safe.

I have no idea what's behind it. Possible culprits.

  • My own head. This might be psychosomatic or something, it just seems so random and without source.
  • Bad posture and unsupportive chairs.
  • Sitting in one place too long. This is definitely part of it, and comfort does demand I get up and move around fairly often, my parents suggest that maybe I'm still not doing it enough.
  • Need to stretch more. Could be part of it, don’t know, trying to do stretches this coming week, see if they help.
  • Cold, currently living at home, and parents keep the house a lot cooler than I kept the my various dorms and apartments. So, that may mean I'm now paying for having picked up the habit of wearing shorts around the house. Trouble is, I've stopped doing that, even wearing socks all the time now, and this is the most sustained one yet, considering I haven't been driving all that much.
  • Lack of exercise? I haven't been doing any real regimes, but I do take a fair number of walks. Starting sporadic but increasingly common use of the stationary bike hasn't helped much either.

So for now, I'm just trying all the above and cutting out all the caffeine out of my system and hoping that helps with the sleep. I mentioned the problem to the doctor's in training at my last checkup, but they didn't have any advice, but if this keeps up, I'm going back and will try to get some solid answers.

I feel like such a wuss, the pain normally isn't that bad, it just won't stop. And I have only half-assed speculation about what brings it on and vaguely superstitious methods of how I can best deal with it. I realize a lot of people have it way worse, but that doesn't really make this easier.
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