greg (grysar) wrote,

Once more into the beach

I'm spending the first half of my weekend back at CMST, visiting, probably doing a little database work, though they may have it all figured out by now :).

Should be fun.

In other happy news I get to uses a Windows NT server courtesy of the GVPT department. And this time it is controlled by people who like me and talk to me :). On the 30th and then 1st and 2nd of August I get to actually run my program in the field. Not as a demonstration, but performing the function it was meant to. Over the summer I'll be making it generalizable and starting work on my Honors thesis! :p

In other news I'm actually going to be taking the LSATs, with Danielle and Natalie, who have a strong interest in making a law firm for fun law hijinks which will be more intelligent then Ally McBeal. Though I still doubt I want to go to law school straight out of college. Not that I necessarily have the GPA for it any ways.

And I'm off, have a good weekend, I'll be back Saturday night, or Before 11 on Sunday.
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