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Few updates.

Had a great time on my birthday, got lunch with parents, saw a game, hung out, couldn't ask for anything more. Well, the Os could have won the baseball game, but I do try to keep these things in perspective.

I've completed and sent in two graduate applications of late. University of Denver and University of the Pacific, chosen because they have master's international programs which are Peace Corps plus Grad school. I'm not married to doing this yet, (among other things haven't been accepted or heard about financing, more worried about the latter) but I'm happy that things are moving along.

My next step is to apply for jobs like crazy. Starting with some 'safety' jobs: working at the American Film Institute movie theater (which I figure should be a good deal more pleasant than a normal multiplex) or Borders. Barnes and Noble would work equally well, but Borders has the that they'll be opening a branch in Silver Spring come May and I'd like to be able to walk to work all else equal.

Other news: leg and back are doing better! When I visited the doctor I got a prescription for a muscle relaxant and an anti-inflammatory drug. Been taking them for two weeks and the pain has been almost completely gone. Just refilled the prescription, did have a little pain when waking up after not having taken it the previous night, but it faded quickly enough. So I'll check with the doctor on this, but I think this means that there's nothing big wrong with me. This makes me happy.
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