greg (grysar) wrote,

Updated Greg Report

Man, I've been terrible about posting of late. Lessee, so what makes the cut.

Had a lovely time on Monday this week.

Denver trip starts this Saturday, got an appointment arranged for Monday. Actually getting a feel of the campus should answer most of my remaining questions.

Basic break down of possibilities:

  • Don't go to Denver, wait til Spring, go to a local (probably) grad school.

  • Go to Denver for 5 quarters, returning home for breaks.

  • Do 4 quarters at Denver plus intermediary 2.3 or so years of Peace Corps.

I'll admit that nowadays I'm setting the "getting a good assignment" bar for the Peace Corps higher than it was, as leaving the country for a prolonged period has lost some appeal given recent developments on another front.

The main thing I'm weighing now is that I want direct international experience, I want to pay my dues to the country/world et. large and serve some, and I want some of the personal development benefits of the Corps.

For the record, I will have full computer access if I go to Denver, though my schedule may change. If I do Peace Corps it would be next year (2005) sometime after August 13th.

Much to decide, but a fair amount of time to decide it in.
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