greg (grysar) wrote,

Racing the Dawn

My Friday night at CMSTwasn't the best, but I had a great Saturday. I got in the time I wanted with the current counselors. Most of the veteran counselors only sis High School session, in fact aside from one of our number who became a head counselor, all of the counselor's of '98 have now passed on.

Bizarrely enough even as my time was passing, I had the chance at the ultimate in nostalgia. Both of the most legendary head counselors and my favorite counselor, all from my days as a camper, were hanging out reminiscing. I stayed til 3:15 am or so, and then still fresh from a nap earlier in the day drove off into the sunrise.

The roads were largely empty with the exceptions of banks of fog and clouds floating 10 ft above the street. I averaged around 67 mph going home and had the pleasure of watching the day slowly dawn around me. I pulled in at 5:30, the sun wasn't yet up but I grabbed the paper as I walked in to go right to sleep.
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