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I got up around 8 of my own volition, w/o a class even.

Thought I'd lead with a shocker.

Anyways, have had three more classes since I last posted.

Wednesday night was Chinese, ironically though it's only 2 of my 18 credits it will probably be my toughest class as relative to the rest of the human race I've got no natural language acquisition skills. By comparison in most of the other stuff I take things come a little to a lot easier. Except for chemistry, ugh, but no more of that for me! Anyways teacher has an accent but is understandable, I think I can do the tones, and I'm going to try to get in a drilling regime.

Thursday morning was political economy of globalization. Seems like the class should be fun. Teacher's a poet and apparently some of his translations of a famous haiku writer appeared on JR (Japan Railway?) ads, without asking him for permission. Anyways, he seemed prone to tangents particularly since he didn't want to get into the meat on the first day cause we hadn't done any readings. I think that was a bad call, considering we're grad students, we know something about this stuff even without readings. But shouldn't be a problem next week.

Oh, and turns out I can make my strategy make-up class. I was confused about the weekend I was going home.

Thursday afternoon was statistics. The teacher uses the approach of teaching the math, having people work the math, and then going to excel. Standard math teacher tactics, ask lots of questions to make sure the class is with it, go over formulas, the like. This is going to be a piece of cake. :P Tests are open book, open note, open notebook computer. I'm starting to wonder if I should have taken something harder, but considering I've got five classes in a program where four is standard if you're trying to push yourself (but not looking to pay for extra credits) I think I'll be okay. Hopefully I'll sufficiently impress one or more teachers and then exploit them to help me get a scholarship. :P When I actually post anything about my deliberations I'll friends lock it, but if the profs ask I'm quite willing to be honest about this. I'm making an extra effort to befirend teachers to get a scholarship and find a good advisor. I've always been told that the faculty is there for me to exploit, so I'm going to do it dang it.

Other news: Skype Internet calling rocks. Works great for Skype to Skype (free) and I tried calling my parents at the 2 cents an hour rate on their land line and that worked fine too. Need the bandwidth, but man, I'm saving money hand over fist here. Think I may reduce my cell plan to save money.

Today I'm planning to do readings, drills, and hit the campus rec center.
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