greg (grysar) wrote,

Class-mates, like, know stuff

So, I was at Political Economy of Globalization today, and we had some discussion (mostly lecture this time, covering all the groundwork on economics and such, interesting lecture though). Topic was cultural aspects of Globalization, particularly pulp culture. So the first person says basically it's all Western stuff. And three of us disagree and mention things like Hena tatoos, interest in Japanese culture, and the like. And agree that this isn't so much a polyglut culture as different base cultures that take some aspects from foreign ones cause their cool. In the future I may make an analogy to the development of American culture, to the degree that there is a singular American culture.

Whee, classmates that argue and make good points. ^_^

In Stat I helped people with computer problems, to varying degrees of success. Next week we're apparently doing Chi squared analysis from class generated data on which of three Family Guy episodes is more offensive. This is a somewhat lightweight class for me (intentional choice), but it keeps me interested at least.
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