greg (grysar) wrote,

Three down, seven to go.

So, I've successfully completed my third week of grad school, have seven more in this quarter, then another four or so quarters remaining (with the possibility of Romania/internship/China research adding to the total time. So, I'm about 5 to 6% done in terms of credits. Admittedly more papers come later in the quarter, but I have been putting a good amount of work in up to this point, so I feel reasonably justified in terms of that estimate. Still having fun, although vaguely aggrevated by the that the wireless connection seems to ebb during mid day hours, but I can deal. I'm no longer getting free meals as at least one of the cashiers will actually get my attention if I try just walking by, but it was a good run while it lasted.

I've gotten my end of quarter paper picked mostly and in addition to reading and internship stuff hope to get some outline dones this weekend.

  1. Either determining if democratization is necessary for reaching certain levels of economic productivity or looking for links between globalization reforms and democratization.

  2. A strategic paper on the handling of North Korea from the perspective of South Korea.

  3. Not exactly a paper, but I'll be do an annotated bibliograph of 60-100 sources on the impact of the war on terror on human rights in afghanistan. Should be some fun just war stuff.

All classes are going fairly well. Stat 2 is easy, Chinese is difficult because I'm not good with languages, the rest have involved a fair amount of reading or work, but been managable. Most work so far as been related to my Human Rights Writing and Research class. Which is a lot harder than it should have been, because endnote, the $120 bibliography manager that I effing bought, while having the option, doesn't work with SP2. They won't give me a patch but they claim they'll send a version in the mail, although that could be bs as I haven't gotten any follow up on it.

Think latter today I'll make a friends only post on teachers (nothing too harsh, I'd just prefer not to have it sitting out on the net) and a debate post (I quite approved of Kerry's performance, wish he had taken this tact at the convention).
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