greg (grysar) wrote,

Brief break from research work: A legel review article on the Prime Directive

This isn't quite relavant enough to make it into my annotated bibliography, but I'm amused.

From Lexis:
Symposium: On a Wagon Train to Afghanistan: Limitations on Star Trek's Prime Directive

... The Prime Directive has taken on a life of its own. ... Part V concludes that the proper and modern understanding of the Prime Directive dictates that the value of cultural autonomy must be balanced with the inevitability of cultural interference and transformation. ... The Prime Directive operates both to ensure respect for the mores of savvy, star-traveling cultures and to protect "primitive," planet-bound cultures from the revelation that they are not alone in the universe. ... The new television series Enterprise is itself back-story, as it chronicles the adventures of humankind's first manned exploration of interstellar space. Both First Contact and Enterprise are remarkable in that their twenty-first and twentysecond century timelines "pre-date" the Prime Directive, offering more information about its fictional origin, meaning, and purpose in light of our non-fictional, present-day shared values and culture. ... Scholar Joakim E. Parker even wrote a law review article, Cultural Autonomy: A Prime Directive for the Blue Helmets, proposing a legal norm valuing cultural autonomy as against interference in the name of United Nations peacekeeping. ...
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