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First bookkeeping Matters. Three and a half weeks left in the quarter. I'm going to a cousin's wedding in Illinois (but coming in through St. Louis and not Chicago so not in a good position to try to arrange any visits) for Thanksgiving, but will be home for a little bit before than and then for much of December. I may apply for a Borders job for the winter but will otherwise be available, aside from Saturdays which I shall guard zealously.

Things are still going pretty well, although I'm somewhat worried about all the end of quarter assignments. Fortunately I have been working ahead some, just wish the balance was more towards tests rather than essays. Oh well. I'm doing better at networking with classmates than I did back at UMCP although have mostly been lazy about trying to do things aside from class and walking to and from class. Roommate continues to be quite cool, guess my luck holds another year. Only area I've really been slacking is internship applications, gah! Oh well, can't win them all.

Quick synopsis of major assignments:

  • Globalization: Examining statistical links between globalization and political freedoms. Do any aspects of globalization directly increase or decrease freedoms/chance for democratization. I think I'll try to control for both gross domestic product (wealth) and development (how the wealth is spread) as those aren't quite the same.

  • Human Rights: Doing an annotated bibliography as part of a larger project studying effects of the war on terrorism on human rights. My topic: Afghanistan. Article count: 105+ or so down, 85+ to go. Also have to right topic intros, but that's cake by comparison.

  • Strategy: Analyzing North Korea. My approach will be two fold. First exploring the idea that North Korea has short range survivability as its highest concern and that this will trump anything else, so any effective policy will recognize that. Second looking at the end game for Korea and trying to make it as soft a landing as possible.

So, social stuff, two weekends ago went home. Saw parents and grandmother, bought a new suit and some shirts and ties (designer ties it turned out @_@ pricey stuff), and got food to take back (and some computer files), but..

Was really there to make the dance that kamalloy had organized with her young adult group. And to just spend the time with her, but the dance was a good nominal excuse. Setting it up was fun, particularly since everything was much more organized than the counselor dances I did. And had a great time at the dance itself, I'm not really a huge dance person, much the opposite really, but when you come with someone it makes a huge difference. I know a few moves, but mostly my skills have decayed from their never particularly great heights when swing was trendy at CMST, only stepped on toes once though thankfully. Kate's got more natural skill than I and had a dress with nice ruffles at the bottom which she could swing.

I actually had bought the suit for the dance cause my last one disappeared, and it probably wasn't my fault! (probably). The new one actually is black and has dark nature-y thin strips that I do like (my last one was straight black). Actually wore a green shirt to the dance, Kate was initially hesitant about not white, but quick check in person apparently convinced her. Got a blue one too, and a few whites, but wasn't courageous enough for the red. I know it can be done, but I don't quite have arterich's sense of style.

Anyways, rest of the weekend shall go un-detailed, but suffice to say was great fun.
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