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Kicking ass and taking courses

I've actually gotten my shit together. It's an amazing and a real first for me; this quarter I really had it. It's been a buttload of work and this week ahead of me is still going to be hell, but it is all going to pay off.

My two toughest courses were the Political Economy of Globalization and Human Rights Research and Writing. I rather like both profs, but they're both fairly demanding.

In HR-R&W we did annotated bibliographies, with introductions, on the issue of "Human Rights and the War on Terrorism." My topic was Afghanistan, not the only tough one, but in the top three certainly. And I've got it essentially done. I talked to the rather cool grad student that's our editor, and he went over my work. There were a fair number of corrections to be sure, but he was quite impressed and thanked me repeatedly for the level of effort I'd put in.

So, coming off of that high, I get home and have an email. I'd asked my Globalization professor about my handling of the statistics I've accumulated for the big paper. He said that my admittedly iffy handling of analysis would be just fine for this quarter. However, more importantly, he said that to do a really proper one I should take an independent study with him next quarter! ::does the Greg dance of joy. It involves jumping but relatively little rhythm::

Now to just get all this damn stuff written.

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