greg (grysar) wrote,

Live from New Orleans

Been enjoying having my work done. Got all the key stuff finished up on Wednesday. Since then time with kamalloy on Wednesday, then Thanksgiving with family. Also Half Life, lots of Half Life! That game is awesome, truly awesome, in many many ways. And I can play an FPS with a touchpad, who knew.

So, Friday, went out to south-western Illinois for helping and attending my cousin's wedding. It went rather well, only one big problem, our trek from wedding to recetion was halted when we got at a train crossing. It was a long slow moving one, and then it stopped entirely. So we found a different crossing where there was yet another freight train. This one stopped too, and with only eight cars remaining no less.

Anyways, after time with inlaws on Sunday and then train to New Orleans that night. Saw the Fillini flick "The sweet life," which was about decadent Italians and fairly episodic. Had to miss the very end to catch our train. Nice ride down, got to New Orleans Monday afternoon.

Since then I've eaten at the lower-key version of Arnaud's restaurant. The food proved fairly good, the shrimp Arnaud had an interesting somewhat wasabi-esque spice that built to a peak but then fairly rapidly declined. I like that. Also had excellent crayfish pie and good meat pies. Although, the jambalaya didn't really wow me, and I'm normally very wowable by jamabalaya.

After that, we took a streetcar line out to the city park. We've been there before, but the streetcar running there is new (or old, probably used to back in the day). Had a nice walk through the holiday lights display, had some neat stuff. Although aside from the model train setup this one had with all local buildings I tend to think the Wheaton regional park display in Maryland is more interesting.

So, tomorrow, more eating! And then Wednesday, more eating and an evening flight home. Staying in Maryland until January 3rd or so when I start my second quarter of grad school.

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