greg (grysar) wrote,

Fun with health

I had a minor medical procedure on Friday. I wasn't sick or in any real danger, just fixing something I'd discovered the first time I visited my internist, rather than my pediatrist.

I took general anesthesia after having waited around for about the usual time in the hospital. The anesthesiologist had an excellent bedside manner and everyone else was at least nice. I woke up an hour to an hour and a half after it was all over feeling more than a bit woozy.

There was a nurse there who was watching over me occasionally and initially directed I take deep breathes, I had an oxygen tube for the first part. I came to a bit more, I'm not sure if my indicators changed at all, though I did have fun watching my breathing on a monitor. I think I stayed awake the whole time but without my glasses on I couldn't really see a clock to be sure.

After getting wheeled about with my eyes closes (after a warning about potential nausea) I got parked in the room I started out in, had a few sticky monitor things removed which wasn't as painful as they made it out to be, though to my amusement the next morning I discover they left one on. My mom came out then, which I was quite happy about, because being out of it alone sucks, its boring, a bit scary, and one's thoughts don't make the most interesting company.

I changed out of the lovely back exposing robes and got wheeled out, though I could probably have walked without too much trouble. I had a prescription for Tylenol 3 with Codine that Mom picked up, but I've avoided it so far, regular Tylenol manages the pain and I've decided that pain beats the medicated feeling in this instance. I had dinner then went to sleep after watching newshour, woke up with 8 hours of rest at around 3 am. Used the computer, wandered the house a bit, took some more Tylenol, discovered changing positions is something to be done carefully then went back to sleep. Today I'm having a more laxidasical than average Saturday and this afternoon i get to remove the dressing and a drain, and will be quite happy to have it over with.

Though I don't get to resort to my favorite comfort, a hot bath, until Sunday, and no strenuous activity for 2 weeks, which puts a bit of a cramp in my exercise program.
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