greg (grysar) wrote,

News items of interest.

The risk avoidance part of teens brains doesn't finish developing til 25 or so. Interesting, 25 is the age when you're past the draft and car insurance rates get cheaper. Part of the test involved a driving game that was timed. The under 25 group took more risks as more friends watched; not so for the older. I'm thinking this may be an evolutionary trait; make kids willing to do the stuff for which a stupid sense of invisibility is helpful.

Birds are smart! Particular crows and the like. Fits with things I've heard before, but interesting to know. There's lots of neat examples in the article, like the crows that put walnuts on the road during red lights so cars will crack them open.

Witch trials, what was their driving force? Institutionalized religion gone wild? Attempts to surpress paganism/strong females? This article argued it was basically pettiness among neighbors that was the largest driving force. Interesting read, seems to have some support.

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