greg (grysar) wrote,

State of Greg

Haven't done real updates for a bit, so here's a quick rundown of what's up with me.

  • Got a part-time job as a research assistant! Whoo! I'll be doing reviews on econometric (economics + advanced statistical analysis) software. So I'll be working on that April and May.
  • Classes this quarter: Country Team Operations, Defense Policy Analysis, International Law (pt 2), Chinese Foreign Policy, finishing up my independent study from last quarter.
  • Back in DC: Early June. I'll be home for half the summer.
  • July 6th: Probably leave for five weeks with the country team operations summer program in Romania. Should be much fun, although the budget for the program is lower because of a switch in governments in Romania.
  • September-December: Internship and classes in D.C. Although I still have to get the internship. I'll be focusing on that and my job this weekend.
  • January-Mid March: Last quarter at Denver.
  • Mid March: Graduation and hopefully be on the road to employment.
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