greg (grysar) wrote,

Back in Maryland

And I'm back til January. Romania ended up falling through because the government of Romania apparently got sick of putting up with GSIS bullshit. Is a shame, but means there will be more of me around.

I've got a small (for me) work backlog that will be keeping me reasonably busy but not totally unavailable for the next few days. After that I'll still have stuff to do, but should be completely available for get togethers.

General life updates:
Last week and a half was hellish, after my class camping trip (which I should tell you guys about, but later, feel free to remind me), I got back and my laptop didn't want to boot. Long story short the hardware where you stick the plug was on the fritz. I was able to get most of my key files off and took it in to Best Buy for my free repairs. They could handle it, and save all my data, but it was gonna be 10 days (I thought they had a faster turn around, but it still beats a month which seems standard for laptop companies). And I got a loaner, which was a life saver as all my classes were wrapping up.

As an added bonus, my leg/lower back pain started acting up, I think it was the five hour drive to and from the camping trip plus sleeping on the ground (well, in a sleeping bag with a mat, but still) for three days. That was a world of obnoxious pain, got better once I got medicated although sleeping in a bed was still hard/impossible. Yay for a few hours of chair sleep multiple nights in a row. The real nasty party was sleep deprivation, plus inability to concentrate because of pain and/or medication made for a not all that productive Greg.

So, I had a fair amount of work and wasn't able to really handle it all that well. But ultimately I strived, let the quality slip a bit, pulled some late nights, and got everything in on time. To my own surprise really. Although I had to let my part time job slip some and that's what I'll be focusing on now.

Happily my Mom came out to help with the packing. I'd made a really bad call about flying home on the day I needed papers in because I forgot about the time I'd need to pack, store, mail, and clean stuff. Although, on the other hand, now I'm home and all that work is behind me. Go my past self!

So the doctor's report on the leg is that I'll get X-rays, see if there's anything wrong there. If there isn't I should just take Yoga. Apparently physical therapy isn't worth it for small stuff.
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