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Best Buy Apparent Resolution

A week plus before my final papers were do, my laptop stopped booting. It turned out that the problem was the power jack inside the laptop came unsoddered. This is a fairly common problem for my model of laptop because it has a weak connection inside and the power plug is straight, not at a 90 degree angle, and thus particular prone to be tugged.

Unfortunately, Best Buy uses a third party repair company and they estimated a $300 charge for the repair. I had a full warranty, but this apparently qualified as abuse. My hackles were raised and I griped, left messages on the third party's answering machine, and was preparing to call the Best Buy corporate office. Yesterday I found out they fixed it, but for only $50. This was quite acceptable to me so I'll be getting my laptop back soon.

Probably if I'd been a bit more of an ass and made a few more calls I could have gotten it for free, but I do have my limits. The main thing I learned is that while the Best Buy return policy is highly generous, the repair policy is less so because they depend on a third party. I'm considering writing to Best Buy corporate headquarters anyways on this matter, as aside from this problem their customer service has been good to me. I even got a loaner laptop for the last week of school and that was a life saver.
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