greg (grysar) wrote,

Disagreement with Bush, but with respect

Bush gave a speech giving his decision on federal funding of stem cell research.

President Bush made an honorable decision that I disagree with. His speech is one worth reading it was an honest one, he laid the groundwork for the entire argument, as well as his position. My BS meter didn't go off, he was a bit more religious than I'm necessarily comfortable with in a public feature, but it didn't undermine his argument.

He was only willing to go as far as to allow for federal funding of cell lines derived from research already conducted. I think, and would bet, that congress will go beyond him. His may well have been a political decision, but he is a politician, that's what they [we :) ] do. However, near as I could tell it was as far as he is willing to go morally, but even if it was more political than moral I could accept it.

I can respect those I disagree with, even who I think are making errors, if they are honest with me. I wouldn't be surprised if he's playing with a few cards close to his chests but he was basically honest with me and the American people and raised the level of debate a bit. I wish this weren't such a unique way of proceeding for him, I'd feel much better about his administration, even though I don't have any illusions it would make him more liberal.

This speech stands in stark contrast to a recent public meeting my Rep. Wynn held. Strongly at issue was his going against (my term would be betrayal) of Shays Meehan Campaign Finance Reform legislation. There are legitimate arguments against them, his by and large weren't. I could assume he hadn't studied the issue, but as the chair on the issue for the Black Caucus, that would imply gross negligence. The more likely explanation was that he was at best repeatedly unclear to the point of being misleading, and told a few outright lies. It should be noted that on the vast majority of issues he has represented me well.

I don't think that this is SOP for either man and my ideology hasn't changed in the slightest, but despite a new feeling of pride for my president, I can't help but also feel dismay....
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