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First day

It was a good first day, although I am tired. The tired really kicked in with my walk home from the metro station with my laptop bag and jacket. Nothing all that bad but enough after a full days work and after activities.

Happily CSIS appears to be everything I could have hoped. Went in, got a rather swanky portfolio and coffee mug, met the very pleasant staff, got a good briefing, missed some of the formal CSIS wide orientation but nothing important, and got to work.

The office is nice, although there's no windows. I'm sharing a fairly spacious two desk area with another intern. We're off the entrance lobby to GSI and don't have a door separating us from the lobby, but that's not a big problem for me. Zbigniew Brzezinsk actually regularly comes in to an office that's a few turns down the hall. Henry Kissinger apparently stops by that area once a month or so. Too cool.

My initial job... hmm... I didn't sign any NDAs but I should probably check if they want me broadcasting this stuff on the internet. Nothing classified, just not sure they want their research topics out there before they publish them. Suffice to say I'm reading some books to get a general feel for a topic. Which is a kind of work I'm well trained to do and greatly enjoy. Should probably have a preliminary summary available tomorrow. Whee!

After work went to the Paul Greenberg House off Woodley Park Metro station. That's where the classes I'm taking will be based out of. Nice introductory reception. Nothing note worthy, although the crew from DU were all happy to see one another.

Looking forward to work tomorrow. ^_^
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