greg (grysar) wrote,

I'm going to try to put something up about Otakon and other things soon, but for now a quickie.

But for now, Greg's potential working model of personality, prompted by a random bible verse Natalie mentioned that isn't Relafen enough to lookup to repeat here.

Memories, Habits, and Thoughts roughly corresponding to past present and future.

There are probably better names for Habits and thoughts, but this is a rough deign,,
Memories is fairly obvious. Habits in this case refers to our common behavior, that which we do with out thinking. Sure the rationalization center of the brain may kick in afterwards, even giving a pretty good guess as to why we did something. The book the 'Meme Machine' talked about that idea a lot, and Dilbert/Scott Adams mentions it occasionally, though often to the exclusions of thoughts. We can think a bit of as second ahead, though I'll bet unless we're particularly contemplative its more a matter of adjusting course rather than choosing entirely new ways to act. Of course farther ahead thought allows for greater changes in habits with less pain.
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