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Reading up on Alito

So, unlike Roberts, recent news had made very clear that Alito has pronounced views on abortion that are established on the record. Views he made clear in job applications, so the advocating for a client defense will not fly.

Apparently he's trying to downplay this:
Key quote: As for the earlier memo, [Senator Specter] said, "I asked him about the line here, 'The Constitution does not protect a right to an abortion.' And he identifies that as a personal opinion . . . and he said that his personal opinion would not be a factor in his judicial decision."

Anyone more informed than I care to explain how that makes a lick of sense? Namely, that the personal opinion of a lawyer/judge as to what is or is not constitutional *will not be a factor his judicial decision*? Obviously personal interpretation doesn't automatically trump precedent, but unless I'm miss something here it would always be a factor, particularly on the Supreme Court.
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