greg (grysar) wrote,

Cooking LJ post

I think I should do a better job logging what I try to cook. I promised work a north African entree for the international potluck on Monday. Got some cheap chicken ($0.55 a pound at Sniders) and some expensive other stuff (stupid expensive organic food) and went with Moroccan Chicken.

Pretty fun, it has kumquats. Not sure how it will turn out until later tonight/potluck tomorrow. I'll do an update when I know. If I still had a working camera phone I'd take a picture, but I don't and I don't feel like bothering with the digital camera.

This was fun to cook, although cutting a goard into 3/4 inch slices before peeling it is a royal pain in all ways. Next time I'm facing odd vegetables I'll check the web first. I did the chicken a bit oddly (baked before I was certain which recipie to use so that things could go a little quicker. Mom's advice), but certainly safely.

It was a fair amount of work with all the onion chopping and the like. I think I might get one of those handy twin bladed cutters that works with a concave wood cutting board to make this quicker.
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